IntactAssist has Moved!

New this spring, the homepage will feature enhanced severe weather alert banners to update you and your customers in the event of a catastrophe. These improved banners will be geotargeted and will combine the functionality of our old yellow pop-up banners (originally found on with all the event specific updates and resources previously found on In addition, this new functionality will display social media feeds and has the flexibility to adapt to our changing needs in future catastrophe situations.
These banners will only appear when they are activated in preparation or response to a significant event.

Banner features:
• Links to event specific resources including tip sheets, coverage information and local authority/government updates and advisories.
• Claims reporting contact information.
• Live social media feeds.
• Links to Client Centre/ opportunity for online claims tracking.
• Geotargeting to only display for those in affected areas. will redirect visitors to for all severe weather event updates to align with our customer-focused online approach.

For more information about the new severe weather alert banners, please contact Intact’s Sales & Business Development team.