July 18, 2017 – BC Wildfire Update & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Information for Intact Customers

Q) I don’t know if my home has been damaged or not? Should I file a claim?

A) Regardless of whether or not your home has been damaged in the fires, you may be eligible for additional living expenses through Mass Evacuation coverage within your policy (subject to the policy deductible). To find out more, please call 1-866-464-2424, available 24/7.

 Q) What is Mass Evacuation coverage?

A) This is coverage that responds in the event of a Mass Evacuation as declared by a civil authority. The coverage extends for no more than 30 days from the date the evacuation was declared and will cover additional living expenses as a result of the evacuation (i.e. necessities like food and lodging). The policy deductible will be applied to the claim when all expenses incurred are reviewed.

 Q) When does Mass Evacuation coverage end?

A) In terms of Mass Evacuation Coverage, under the terms of every homeowner policy (including tenants and condo policies), customers are entitled to up to 30 days of Mass Evacuation additional living expenses. This means that Mass Evacuation coverage ends as soon as residents are permitted home, or after 30 days, whichever comes first. Please remember to keep and submit all of your receipts to discuss with your adjuster at a later time.

Q) Do I have to pay this money back if there is no damage to my home?

A) Mass Evacuation coverage does not require proof of damage if a Civil Authority orders an evacuation.


Counselling Resources Available for Customers

We understand that you are going through a very tough time as you wait to hear when you’ll be allowed to return home, and would like to provide you with some information about a free service we’re able to offer.

Intact Insurance has an exclusive contract with Solareh, a company that offers confidential psychological assistance to support customers and their loved ones cope.   If you are having a difficult time, we encourage you to contact Solareh at 1-866-539-6767, or click here to read their brochure for more information.


We’re here to help

We are on site in Kamloops and Prince George to assist customers in person:

We will be open from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm 7 days/week to answer any questions you may have. As always, if you’re unable to see us in person or have been evacuated to a different location, call us 24/7 to report your claim at 1-866-464-2424.

July 18, 2017 – BC Wildfire Update & FAQs